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Machinist Technician Tier II

Certificate of Technical Studies Degree

NOTE: This program is in moratorium and will not be accepting new students.

Please contact Flathead Valley Community College:


This program will be taught through a course-sharing arrangement with Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana.

The Industrial Machine Technology program provides instruction in the theory and operation of mills and lathes, both manual and CNC, other tools related to the machinist trade, and associated programming.

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Graduates are prepared to:

  • Use tools and equipment to form and shape various materials in a manufacturing laboratory environment
  • Discuss processes necessary to cast and mold materials in a manufacturing laboratory environment
  • Use tools and equipment to machine various materials
  • Safely operate basic machinery and equipment
  • Read and understand the various symbols and features of a blueprint
  • Distinguish between various views represented on typical manufacturing blueprints
  • Locate materials list and identify the material call-outs on lists of materials
  • Read and interpret information on various manufacturing blueprint drawings
  • Identify features contained on a blueprint in relation to actual work piece and identify features of the design part in relation to machining production methods
  • Identify and apply quality control procedures to ensure product integrity
  • Accurately measure and record dimensions with micrometers and calipers
  • Define quality and the precision measurements associated with a machined part
  • Demonstrate quality assurance and quality management techniques
  • Accurately measure and identify various types of threads
  • Perform job set-up
  • Perform manual operations
  • Organize and develop a logical written representation of one's thoughts; craft and execute a variety of professional quality correspondence, including a resume
  • Utilize and apply mathematical operations, measurement, introductory geometric principles, and applied algebra into technical applications in academic and workplace situations
  • Recognize a situation that requires first aid and/or CPR, and then use the appropriate skills for that situation

Estimated Resident Program Cost*

Tuition and Fees $1,565
Application Fee $30
Online Course Fees $270
Course Fees $395
Tools/clothing varies
Books/Supplies $500
Total $2,760

Many students need preliminary math and writing courses before enrolling in the program requirements. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement before planning out their full program schedules.

Spring Semester
DDSN 135Solidworks +2
MCH 102Introduction to Manufacturing Materials +2
MCH 122Introduction to CAM +3
MCH 125Introduction to CNC Lathe Operations *,+3
MCH 127Introduction to CNC Mill Operations *,+3
MCH 268CNC Machining I *,+2
Select one of the following:
BMGT 205Prof Business Comm *,+3
COMX 115Intro to Interpersonal Communc +3