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Withdrawals/Changes in Enrollment

Students receiving financial aid are expected to complete a designated percentage of the credits for which they are funded. The Financial Aid Office must be notified by the student of any increase or decrease in number of credits. Students may be suspended from financial aid for not completing the designated percentage of credits.

Financial aid recipients who completely withdraw from the college may owe the Department of Education a prorated amount of aid received based on class days attended in the term. Students who owe repayment will be ineligible for further federal financial aid as long as a repayment is outstanding.

Students who do not officially withdraw but stop attending classes and receive failing grades will be considered unofficial withdrawals. The institution will determine the last date of attendance. Based on this date, students may owe a repayment of aid received.

Appeals regarding retroactive withdrawals and tuition refunds must be submitted within three years of the student’s course enrollment. Any appeals filed beyond this three year period will not be considered.