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Transfer Agreements

What are Articulation Agreements?

Great Falls College MSU has a number of articulation agreements with public and private colleges and universities. These agreements make it possible for students to plan a program of study that begins at Great Falls College MSU and leads to a four-year degree from a college or university. These agreements are designed to maximize the number of credits students will be able to transfer and to minimize students’ time to degree. Areas of concern such as admissions, financial aid, course requirements, and contact information are clearly discussed.

Articulation agreements are made with specific programs at the four-year colleges and universities. Each agreement specifies how coursework in the associate degree program applies to the baccalaureate degree program at the four-year college or university. Each agreement outlines the appropriate and recommended courses to complete at Great Falls College MSU and also specifies courses that must be taken at the four-year college or university to complete the program. Any deviation from the articulation agreement will nullify the guarantee they provide.

Students interested in attending Great Falls College MSU and utilizing an articulation agreement listed in the catalog are encouraged to indicate their interest in one of the articulation agreements to an Academic Advisor prior to or during their first term in attendance.