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Bachelor of Science Nursing Completion Degree for Registered Nurses

Associate of Science Degree

GFC MSU Program Director: Russ Motschenbacher

GFC MSU Program Faculty: Kaylene Strutz, Deanna Hastings, Stephen Wurz

The Degree Completion Program allows students completing the Associate of Science degree at GFC MSU and licensed in the State of Montana to be granted 72 semester credits. Graduation from Montana Tech in nursing requires completion of 15 credits of general education courses, some of which may be part of the 72 credits transferred from GFC MSU. The student must earn a total of 120 credits in order to graduate from Montana Tech. Upon completion of the program courses and the meeting of all graduation requirements including the general education requirements, a Bachelor of Science degree in Registered Nursing will be awarded.

The Montana Tech BSN-Completion Program, is accredited through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). For more information, or call the Montana Tech Nursing Department at 406-496-4390.

GFC MSU Program Website

GFC MSU RN curriculum Program Application (Fall 2018 application available February 15)

Registered Nurses (RNs) work to promote good health and prevent illness. They educate patients and the public about various medical conditions, treat patients and help in their rehabilitation, and provide advice and emotional support to patients' families. RNs use considerable judgement in providing a wide variety of services. The Registered Nurse Program at Great Falls College MSU is currently approved by the Montana State Board of Nursing. upon completion of the Associate of Science in Registered Nursing, students will be prepared to begin a successful career as a registered nurse. Students are prepared to sit for the national licensure examination for registered nursing.

The Registered Nurse Program is a limited enrollment program with an intake of 30 students. Interested students must apply for entry into the program. An application packet with the criteria for admission is available on the program website.

  • The length of the program after acceptance is four consecutive semesters.
  • Accepted students will be required to provide proof of Health Care Provider CPR certification, a negative Tuberculosis test, a background check, and a complete Student Immunization and Verification form before the beginning of the semester.
  • The Hepatitis B immunization series is strongly recommended before entrance into the program. A student may be denied access to clinical rotations without an adequate Hepatitis B titer. Students having religious or personal conflicts against receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine must sign a release form.

Graduates are prepared to:

  • Administer effective and ethical individual patient care, utilizing human needs as a foundation for assessing behaviors, assigning priorities to desired outcomes, and planning and prioritization nursing interventions.
  • Incorporate knowledge of cultural, religious, and socioeconomic factors in providing nursing care for individuals in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Coordinate, delegate, and prioritize the delivery of care aimed at meeting the needs of patients, communities of patients, and their families.
  • Practice collaboratively within the proper scope of practice, legal, and ethical frameworks, and within national and state standards of nursing practice.
  • Use communication that is effective and therapeutic, along with information technology, to implement problem solving processes in the evidence-based management of patient care.
  • Provide competent evidence-based nursing care, recognizing the values and beliefs of the patient.

Estimated Resident Program Cost*

Tuition and Fees $8,544
Application Fee $30
Uniforms $225
Lab/Course Fees $564
Program Fee $400
Books/Supplies $2,826
Total $12,590


Many students need preliminary math, science, and writing courses before enrolling in the program requirements. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement before planning out their full program schedules.

GFC MSU Additional Graduation Requirement

GFC MSU Prerequisite Coursework

The following courses must be completed prior to admission into the Registered Nurse Program. All prerequisite coursework must be completed with a minimum grade of C (not a C-) in each course and a minimum cumulative GPA in prerequisite coursework of 2.0. Grades in prerequisite courses are a major factor in ranking applications for program acceptance.

Science courses must be completed within five (5) years of application to the program, and other courses must be completed within 15 years of applying to the program.

BIOH 201Human Anat Phys I/Lab (= 301) **,+4
CHMY 121Intro to General Chem w/Lab **,+4
WRIT 101College Writing I **,+3
Select one of the following:
M 121College Algebra **,+3
M 140College Math for Healthcare **,+3
M 151Precalculus **,+4
M 171Calculus I **,+4
NOTE: STAT 216 Intro to Statistics will no longer be accepted as a math substitution effective Fall 2014. For transfer students, M 115 Probability and Linear Math will be accepted.

GFC MSU Program Course Requirements After Formal Acceptance

Once enrolled in Registered Nurse program, a minimum of a grade of C in all courses is required to continue in the program. In the clinical setting, students must achieve a grade of 75% in all rotations of each clinical experience.

Students are encouraged to take BIOH 211, PSYX 100, SOCI 101, and BIOM 250 with Lab prior to program acceptance due to workload requirements of the RN program.

The courses listed below are required in the program of study for the Associate of Science in Registered Nursing. The courses are offered at Great Falls College MSU in the following sequence:

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
BIOH 211 Human Anat Phys II & Lab(=311) **, + 4
NRSG 230 Nursing Pharmacology *, + 3
NRSG 231 Nursing Pharmacology Lab *, + 2
NRSG 232 Foundations of Nursing *, + 3
NRSG 233 Foundations of Nursing Lab *, + 3
NRSG 234 Adult Nursing I *, + 3
NRSG 235 Adult Nursing I Clinical *, + 2
NRSG 236 Health and Illness of Maternal Nursing *, + 2
NRSG 237 Health and Illness of Maternal Nursing Clinical *, + 1
NRSG 256 Pathophysiology *, + 3
PSYX 100 Introduction to Psychology + 3
Second Year
NRSG 244 Adult Nursing II *, + 3
NRSG 245 Adult Nursing II Clinical *, + 2
NRSG 246 Health and Illness of Child and Family Nursing *, + 2
NRSG 247 Health and Illness of Child and Family Nursing Clinical *, + 1
NRSG 255 Mental Health Concepts Clinical *, + 1
NRSG 254 Mental Health Concepts *, + 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology + 3
BIOM 250 Microbiology for Hlth Sci wLab *, + 4
NRSG 259 Adult Nursing III *, + 3
NRSG 260 Adult Nursing III Lab *, + 1
NRSG 261 Adult Nursing III Clinical *, + 2
NRSG 267 Managing Client Care for the RN Clinical *, + 2
NRSG 266 Managing Client Care for the RN *, + 2
Total Credits58

Total Program Credits: 73

Suggested Electives

These courses are highly recommended in addition to the standard nursing curriculum.

Suggested Electives
These courses are highly recommended in addition to the standard nursing curriculum.
AHMS 144Medical Terminology +3
Any NASX prefix course +3
Select one of the following:
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology +3
PSYX 240Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology +3
NUTR 221Basic Human Nutrition +3

Outline for Completion of Bachelor of Science for Registered Nurses from Montana Tech

Nursing General Education Requirements
PHL 221Intro Philosophy &Biomed Ethcs +3
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology +3
STAT 216Introduction to Statistics **,+4
WRIT 201College Writing II *,+3
HUMN Elective3

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
All Nursing Courses MUST be taken at MT Tech
ETHICS 325Professional Ethics 3
NRSG 324Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice 3
NRSG 325Advanced Health Assesment 3
NRSG 361Global Nursing 3
STAT 216Intro to Statistics 3
WRIT 322Advanced Business Writing 3
All Nursing Courses MUST be taken at MT Tech
NRSG 320Nursing Informatics + 3
NRSG 322Health Promotion & Education + 3
NRSG 326Complex Health Care Needs + 3
NRSG 344Family Nursing + 3
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology + 3
All Nursing Courses MUST be taken at MT Tech
NRSG 301Community Health Nursing + 5
NRSG 302Community Health Clinical 1
NRSG 363Nursing Leadership and Management + 5
NRSG 364Nursing Leadership and Management Clinical 1
Humanities Elective 3
Total Credits48


  • Montana Tech Clinical Hours Total 90
  • All Montana Tech courses are online.