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Great Falls College MSU prides itself on being a student-centered two-year college providing quality educational opportunities responsive to community needs. The college is committed to the evaluation of institutional effectiveness and the assessment of student learning outcomes. This commitment is reflected through an assortment of activities and processes that all begin with a patent expression of the College’s mission, vision, values, goals, strategic plan, and the espousal of these principles by the academic departments, their programs and all co-curricular divisions and departments.

Assessment Process and Forms

Internal Program Review

In accordance with The Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education Policy 303.3 – Program Review, these procedures are provided for the internal review of Certificate of Applied Science, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Arts, and Associate of Science degrees at Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology (Great Falls College MSU).

The internal program review primary goals are to enhance the alignment of the College’s academic programs and their quality with community and state needs. To achieve this purpose, these internal program review procedures encourage self‐study and planning within programs and strengthen connections among the strategic plan and mission of Great Falls College MSU. In addition, the essential element of the internal program review is the identification and evaluation of student learning outcomes as a key indicator of program effectiveness. Further, internal program reviews provide information for curricular and budgetary planning decisions for the Division and the College.

Benberg (T. Benberg, December 7, 2003) says, “Outcomes-based academic program review is a thinking person’s process.” In essence, it requires faculty and co-curricular professionals to purposefully plan the delivery of the intended student learning as well as systematically evaluate the extent to which that learning has been met and to propose recommendations for improving delivery of the learning.“

The internal program review process at Great Falls College MSU is based on a cycle of self‐inquiry, review, and improvement. The basic components of internal program review include the following:

  • a self‐study, recommendations, and preliminary implementation plan completed by the faculty associated with the program;
  • review and recommendations by the College’s Internal Program Review Committee;
  • revision of the preliminary implementation plan in response to recommendations by the Internal Program Review Committee;
  • final approval by the Internal Program Review Committee and Associate Dean all elements of the internal program review documents; and
  • implementation of actions to improve program effectiveness and quality.

The 2012 internal program review protocol is located here: Internal Program Review Protocol

2011 Internal Program Review Protocol