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Policies and Procedures Manual

Welcome to the Great Falls College MSU Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM). This online format allows accessibility to the employees of the college and to members of the public who want to know the rules under which the college operates.

Policies are approved by the Great Falls College MSU Executive Team after a comprehensive campus review process. This Policy Manual is separated into sections as noted by the navigation links on the left of the screen. If a policy has a procedure, it will be listed by the policy. Additionally, any forms or manuals relevant to a specific policy and/or procedure will also be listed.

You may view and print policies from this site. These manuals are maintained by the Executive Assistant to the CEO/Dean. Any proposed changes or additions to the Policy Manual should be made by using the PPM Instruction and Submission Form.

If you have any questions about the the Policies and Procedures Manual, please contact Lorene Jaynes at

Additional policy information may also be found in the Academic Catalog.


Policy 407.9 Nepotism
This policy establishes the requirements for GFC MSU employees to not participate in decisions involving a direct benefit or detriment to a relative.

Policy 403.11 Non-Employee Appointments
This policy outlines the requirements and provisions for appointing individuals to perform services that are provided without remuneration and for the benefit of the institution, or pursuant to an exchange program or grant.

Policy 403.12 Volunteers
This policy is designed to reduce volunteer risk and protect the interest of the college.

Policy 402.45 Consulting Activities
This policy establishes the requirements for classified and professional staff and faculty regarding consulting activities.

Policy 403.10 Resignation
This policy establishes the guidelines and requirements for submitting resignation from GFC MSU.

Policy 406.15 Sick Leave Donations
This policy establishes the eligibility requirements for administering donated sick leave.

Policy 509.1 Indirect Cost (IDC) Expenditures
This policy establishes guidelines for the spending of indirect costs (IDC) received from federal or state grants.

Great Falls College MSU Record Retention Schedule