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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Manual

Welcome to the Great Falls College MSU Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM). This online format allows access to the employees of the college and to members of the public who want to know the rules under which the college operates.

Policies are approved by the Great Falls College MSU Executive Team after a comprehensive campus review process. This Policy Manual is separated into sections as noted by the navigation links on the left of the screen. If a policy has a procedure, it will be listed by the policy. Additionally, any forms or manuals relevant to a specific policy and/or procedure will also be listed.

You may view and print policies from this site. These manuals are maintained by the Executive Assistant to the CEO/Dean. Any proposed changes or additions to the Policy Manual should be made by using the PPM Instruction and Submission Form in conjunction with Policy 101.1 Policy Development and Approval and its accompanying Procedure 101.1.1.

Periodic review of policies is critical to an effective institution. Great Falls College MSU is undergoing a 3-year, campus wide review and update to our current policies. Below are the policies currently looking for campus review and comment:

Policies Currently under Review, no substantive change(s):

Policy Comments due by
306.3 Prior Learning Assessment Policy 11/29/2021
306.3 Quarter to Semester Credit Conversion 11/29/2021
405.1 Accidents 11/29/2021
504.1 Fundraising & Gifts 11/29/2021
604.1 Naming of Campus Spaces 11/29/2021

Policies Currently under Review, substantive change(s):

Policy Comments due by
300 Student Conduct and Grievance 11/29/2021
703.1 Student Email 11/29/2021
704.1 Electronic Communication Devices for College Business 11/29/2021

Policies to be removed:

Policy Comments due by
403.41 Payroll Cycle 11/29/2021
403.42 Time Sheets 11/29/2021
403.43 Direct Deposit 11/29/2021
601.2 Food/Drink 11/29/2021
603.2 Catering 11/29/2021
702.1 Student Computer Room Usage 11/29/2021

If you have any questions about the Policies and Procedures Manual, please contact Carmen Roberts at

Additional policy information may also be found in the Academic Catalog.

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