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University of Providence Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Students completing an A.A. degree with articulated coursework in Criminal Justice at Great Falls College MSU have the opportunity to complete a B.S. in Criminal Justice at University of Providence.

Great Falls College A.A. with articulated coursework in Criminal Justice to B.S. in Criminal Justice at UP

Complete These Courses At
Great Falls College

(see catalog)

Under existing BA/BS Block Transfer agreements, students entering with an AA or AS from Great Falls College would be waived of most core requirements except for courses noted below.

Great Falls College Core - General Studies
Great Falls College course Credits UP course Credits


PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3

PHL 101 What Does It Mean To Be Human (pre-req)

3 Equiv
TRL 101 Introduction to Theology (pre-req) 3
PHL 110 Ethics 3 PHL 301 Ethics 3 Equiv
TRL 301 The Christian Life 3
ILC 330 Truth OR: ILC 350 The Common Good 4
ENG 300+ Upper Division WI course (can be embedded in major) 3
Core and/or Elective Credits 40 Additional UP Core Requirements 13
Major, Emphasis, Restricted and Unrestricted Electives or Other
Great Falls College course Credits UP course Credits


CJUS 121 Intro to Criminal Justice 3 CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice System 3


CJUS 125 Fundamentals of Forensic Sciences 2 FSC 201 Intro to Forensic Sciences 3


Electives 15

Major, Emphasis, Unrestricted Electives Total 20 Total Credits Applied from Great Falls College 60

Transfer to University of Providence and complete the requirements

(see UP catalog)

Great Falls College Contact

Advising and Career Center
Phone: 406.771.5100

University of Providence Contact

Phone: 406.406.791.5235

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