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University of Montana Western BS in Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood

Students completing the Certificate of General Studies with articulated coursework in Early Childhood Education at Great Falls College MSU can complete a Bachelor of Science in Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood at UM Western.

Great Falls College Certificate of General Studies to UM Western B.S. in Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood

Complete These Courses At Great Falls College

(see catalog)

Coursework taken at Great Falls College
Great Falls College Course Credits UM Western Course
WRIT 101 College Writing I


MUS Written Comm. Core
COMX 115 Intro to Interpersonal Communication 3 MUS Oral Comm. Core
M 105 Contemporary Mathematics OR M 121 College Algebra 3 MUS Mathematics Core
PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology 3 EDEC 247 Child & Adolescent Growth & Development; Social Science/History Core; UM Western Early Childhood Core
Any History General Studies Core Class 3 Social Science/History Core
2 Natural Science General Studies Core Classes from different disciplines 8 Natural Science Core
Any Fine Arts General Studies Core Class - Express Arts 3 Humanities/Fine Arts Core
Any Humanities General Studies Core Class - Literary & Artistic Studies 3 Humanities/Fine Arts Core
EDU 211 Multicultural Education 3 EDEC 215 Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood; Cultural Diversity Core/Early Childhood Core
Credits 32

Transfer To UM Western to complete the requirements
(see UM Western catalog)

Great Falls College Contact

Advising and Career Center
Phone: 406.771.5100

UM Western Contact

Academic Advising Center
Phone: 406.683.7049

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