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Healthcare Informatics Tech

Certificate of Technical Studies

The healthcare industry stands on the brink of exciting new change as the transition from paper-based records systems gives way to electronic record applications and other higher-level systems of health information exchange.

The Healthcare Informatics Tech Certificate of Technical Studies was designed and developed to provide guidance to technology professionals, recent graduates of information technology or computer science, and allied health or healthcare professionals currently working in the healthcare system. The courses are designed to provide support and guidance in the transition to the Electronic Health Record.

The certificate program is constructed to enhance the learning opportunities of all existing healthcare workforce as well as those students entering the healthcare workforce in all fields of study. This is a 24 credit Certificate program delivered totally online. It has been designed to be completed by full time students in two semesters of study. This is not a self-paced program; institution deadlines are followed.

In seeking admission into the program, the student is required to complete both of the following Applications Requirements:

Apply to Great Falls College MSU

Apply to Healthcare Informatics Tech Certificate of Technical Studies Program

The Healthcare Informatics Tech Certificate of Technical Studies Intake Criteria found on the Healthcare Informatics Tech application provides specific guidance with regard to the student’s educational and work related experiences.

Contact Information:

Kathryn Peterson
Program Director
Healthcare Informatics CTA &
HICS Certificate
Great Falls College MSU
2100 16th Avenue South
Great Falls, MT 59405