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For information about the COVID-19 global outbreak and for Great Falls College MSU updates, please visit the CDC website, the Great Falls College COVID-19 page and the Great Falls College Healthy Fall 2020 page.

Career Services

Choosing a career is no easy task. Fortunately, Career Services is committed to providing the resources, information and expertise to assist you with making one of the most important decisions in your life.

Career counseling and advising focuses on the importance of choosing and preparing for a career. The career counselor can help students explore their interests, personality, and abilities in relation to occupations. Assessments may be administered and interpreted as part of the career counseling process. Information and individual counseling are also available on topics such as choosing a college major, gathering career information, improving career decision-making, interview skills, resume writing, cover letters, and the job search process.

Career Assessments

It is important to develop an understanding of oneself (values, interests, aptitudes, abilities, and personal traits) and to become aware of the relationship between oneself and occupational choices. Great Falls College MSU currently offers two career assessments and access to the Montana Career Information System (MCIS). Assessments are provided free of cost to enrolled students. Please call (406) 771-5100 or email if you would like to make an appointment to take an assessment or explore the MCIS program.

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is used to help determine an individual's personality type preference. The results will give you an individual personality type that can help you understand yourself and your interaction with others. Your results will be discussed with a counselor to help you explore your strengths, weaknesses, most and least preferred job functions, and how to work with other people.

Career Coach

Great Falls College MSU utilizes Career Coach for a variety of functions to help serve students, employers, and the community. Two formats of career assessment are available within Career Coach, and do not require users to create a profile! From there, you can instantly review your strongest traits, and careers fields that strongly coincide with those traits. Click here to get started!

The Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is used to help individuals match their interests with occupational, educational, and leisure pursuits that are compatible with those interests. Primarily, it is used to help the student make educational and occupational choices.

The Montana Career Information System (MCIS)

The Montana Career Information System (MCIS) is designed to help teenagers and adults explore occupations, gather information on colleges and universities, and find sources of financial aid for post-secondary education. In addition, the site has tools to help assess individual skills, work values, and interests. MCIS is a free program supported by the Montana Department of Labor and can be accessed at

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