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Montana Student Health Insurance System for 2019-2020

Please see below the final MUSSIP rates for plan year 2019-2020.

You will be assessed the fee for coverage once before fall semester and once before spring semester, but the dates of actual coverage overlap the semesters. No separate coverage is available for summer semester only.

Students must accept or waive this insurance plan as part of their fall and spring registration process.

If you change your mind after you have accepted or waived the plan, you can contact Student Central or Julie Freshly at 771-4304, to fill out a form to make the change.

Time limits do apply for these changes, and may not be allowed past a certain date.

Students need to be take a minimum of 6 credits to qualify for the health insurance coverage.

*If you have Montana Medicaid coverage or are otherwise unable to obtain the MUS Insurance, please read the information below the rate table.

2019-20 Fall New/Returning Students
CampusDatesStudent RateAdmin FeeTotal

Great Falls

8/1/19 to 1/31/20




2019-20 Spring Returning Students
CampusDatesStudent RateAdmin FeeTotal

Great Falls

2/1/20 to 7/31/20




2019-20 Spring New Students
CampusDatesStudent RateAdmin FeeTotal

Great Falls

1/1/20 to 7/31/20




These rates do not include any administration fees
19/20 Annual Rate:$4,675.00

19/20 Monthly Rate:


19/20 Daily Rate:


PLEASE note that Great Falls College MSU does not charge administrative fees.


While it is important to recognize that having health insurance coverage is a requirement for attending Great Falls College, there is no requirement that students have this particular plan, so if you are able to find another plan that suits your needs, you are certainly welcome to choose that plan. While we believe everyone should be insured to guard against financial peril in case of an unexpected illness or accident, we trust our students to make intelligent choices for themselves and their families.

For information on local help in navigating the Affordable Care Act Marketplace Insurance, please go to this website and put in your zip code:

If you need a gap policy, or short term plan, you can contact any insurance representative.
The link below is for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Any Blue Cross Blue Shield agent/producer can assist you in attaining this plan, or you can sign up on line or on the phone.

Also, here is the link to get a quote for the short term plan:

Please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana at or call 855-267-0214 for additional information.


Students receiving Montana Medicaid/HELP/Montana Healthy Kids PLUS (medical assistance from DPHHS) and are eligible for the student health insurance plan (taking 6 or more credits), are REQUIRED to apply for a program through Montana Medicaid (HIPP or Health Insurance Premium Payment program) which may pay for the student insurance for you.


If the program approves your application, the State sends the payment to the College and pays for the insurance for you, and you are covered under BOTH plans.

If the program denies your application and states you will only have the State medical coverage, then the insurance charge is credited back to your account, so that it zeros out.

Either way, if you are receiving medical assistance from the State, you do not buy the student insurance, the State reimburses the College for the cost of the insurance. You are complying with a State requirement to apply to a program.

To Apply:

When you register for classes in Banner Web, you will be instructed to make a student insurance selection. To be in compliance with Medicaid, you will need to ELECT the student insurance plan. This will put the charge on your student account as a transaction code. This is necessary because it tells the State that YOU are the one applying for the program.

Next, contact Julie Freshly at 406-771-4304,; or stop by her desk in the Administrative area, G1. Please do so as soon as possible after registering for classes.

If you failed to select the student insurance during registration, Julie Freshly can assist you with the change.

You will need to contact Julie Freshly to complete the application process. You will need to provide her with your Medicaid documentation. There is a timeframe, so you must do this as soon as you have finished registration.

You MUST reapply to this program Fall and Spring semesters if you continue to be a Montana Medicaid/HELP/Healthy Montana Kids PLUS client and are eligible for the student health insurance plan, even if you were denied previously.

This is not done automatically. You must ELECT the student insurance during registration, then contact Julie Freshly immediately and provide her with your Medicaid documentation.

For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Julie Freshly:

406-771-4304,; or stop by her desk in the Administrative area, G1.

Montana University System Student Insurance Plan Video

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Contact Information:

Julie Freshly
Assistant to the Associate Dean for Student Services

(406) 771-4304