Great Falls College MSU

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Our Mission

The mission of the Teaching and Learning Center at Great Falls College MSU is to empower faculty to teach high-quality, accessible courses in a variety of modalities to a diverse student population.

How the TLC Aligns with the College

The mission of the college and the Teaching and Learning Center (or TLC) directly aligns with the College’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan, as our faculty needs to be well-trained and innovative to reach the needs of a diverse student population. Our faculty members continue to work toward excellence and innovation through our collaborative professional development workshops and mentorship process. Each value is also aligned with the TLC’s work. Accountability is fostered by the development of workshops that align with faculty responses to surveys and the greatest need identified upon the analysis of the online course design guidelines data. Integrity is encouraged through individual mentorships with instructors on appropriate high academic and ethical teaching practices. Positivity is at the forefront of every interaction and collaboration is encouraged through multi-attendee workshops. Respect is a guiding principle and instructors are encouraged to share their opinions and ideas openly while moving to a solution. Responsiveness is implemented by creating “just-in-time” training opportunities. And, finally, transparency is valued by staff through participation in various committees as both attendees and actual members. Additionally, well-trained instructors are integral for strong workforce development, academic preparation, and community development, which directly contributes to the strategic plan.