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For information about the COVID-19 global outbreak and for Great Falls College MSU updates, please visit the CDC website, the Great Falls College COVID-19 page and the Great Falls College Healthy Fall 2020 page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I drop or add classes?

You can add and drop classes from Banner Web/My Info until 11:59 p.m. the night prior to the first day of classes. You will need your "Advisor number" each time you access your schedule to make changes. After midnight, you can no longer use the Internet, you must drop and/or add classes utilizing a "drop/add card". This is available in admissions and on the forms page. If the class you wish to add has met, you must obtain the instructor's signature. Instructor signatures are not required to DROP classes, but your advisor's signature is needed. "Drop/Delete", "Add", and "Withdraw with a W" dates are published in the printed Schedule of Classes, the Academic Calendar on this website, and the current academic catalog.

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How do I get into a class that is full/restricted/conflicts with another?

Override Authorization Form

can be used to allow registration into a class for the following reasons:

Capacity Override - This override lets a student enter a course after the course's enrollment has reached its capacity. Only under very extenuating circumstances should an instructor use this override to let a student enter a filled course.

Time Conflict Override - This override lets a student enter a course with class hours that conflict with the class hours of another course in which they are enrolled.

Course Restriction Override - This override lets a student enter a course with special restrictions. For example, enrollment in Irish Literature is restricted to students who go on the winter break to Ireland.

Prerequisite Override - This override lets a student enter a course for which they do not have documentation stating they meet the course's prerequisite requirements.

If the Override is for Capacity, Time Conflict, Course Restrictiononly the Instructor's signature for authorization and only given at their discretion.

If the Override is for Prerequisitethe Instructor and the Dept. Chair signatures are required for authorization and only given at their discretion.

If the Instructor or Advisor is unavailable the Instructor's or Advisor's Dept. Chair may provide the signature for the Override Authorization, if they so choose.

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What is the difference between "Drop/Delete" and "Withdrawal"? How do I withdraw from a class after the drop/delete deadline?

Drop/Delete means dropping one or more, but not all classes within the drop/delete deadline. The class is cleared from your records and you will incur no tuition charges for those credits. A withdrawal is processed either:
  1. when a student drops all classes (withdrawals from school); or
  2. after the Drop/Delete deadline.

You can withdraw from one or more classes after the drop/delete deadline by completing a add/drop card and submitting it to Admissions. You will receive a "W" on your transcript and no refund for the class. Students with Financial Aid: Withdrawing from classes might affect Financial Aid status. Be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office to learn the consequences a "W" will have on eligibility.

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How do I withdraw from school?

You must complete a Withdrawal Form with a counselor. Contact Student Central at 406.771.4414 to arrange an appointment. Internet students not based in the Great Falls area may complete this process by telephone. If you withdraw prior to the drop/delete deadline, you will receive a prorated refund depending on the date of your withdrawal. No refunds are issued for withdrawals after the drop/delete deadline.

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What is the refund policy?

The Refund Policy is only in effect for students who complete a formal withdrawal from all classes. Refunds of tuition and fees (excluding registration and application fees) in the event of withdrawal from all classes are authorized according to the following guidelines:
  1. Refunds are made by the Business Office after verification of enrollment status as of the 15th day of classes.*
  2. Ninety (90) percent of tuition and fees will be refunded to the end of the 5 th day of classes.*
  3. Seventy-five (75) percent of tuition and fees will be refunded to the end of the 10 th day.*
  4. Fifty (50) percent of tuition and fees will be refunded up to the end of the 15 th day.*
  5. No refunds will be granted after the 15th day of classes.

*Refund breakdown applies to Spring and Fall terms only. In Summer term, 90% refund is issued through the 5th day of instruction, 75% through the 6th day of instruction, and 50% through the 8th day of instruction. No refunds are issued in summer after the 8th day of instruction. Refund Calculation examples are available upon request in the Business Office.

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How/When do I know if other college classes transferred in?

Once an OFFICIAL transcript from your previous college is received, the Registrar evaluates it for transfer credits based on your program of study at Great Falls College MSU. You will receive notification in the mail detailing which classes were accepted as transfer and what courses they transferred as. This process takes approximately one month after receipt of the transcript.

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If I have to repeat a class, does the original grade go away? How will a repeated class look on my transcript?

No. Your transcript reflects all courses you have attempted while at Great Falls College MSU. If you successfully repeat a class, the original grade will be excluded from your GPA. The original class will have an "E" next to it indicating it is excluded from your GPA. The replacement class will have an "I" next to it indicating it is included in your GPA.

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How do I apply for Graduation?

Detailed information regarding application deadlines, procedures, and Commencement Ceremonies is posted on the Graduation Students webpage.

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Will the credits I take at the Great Falls College MSU transfer to another school?

It is entirely up to the accepting school as to what is transferable. If you know where you will be transferring credits, contact that school and discuss it with a counselor or Registrar. Course descriptions, syllabi, and /or a catalog may be needed by the school.

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