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General Information

Notice Concerning Materials Described In This Catalog

All provisions within this catalog are subject to change without notice.

While the College will make every effort to provide all described courses and programs, the final decision regarding availability will be determined by enrollment, available faculty, funds, and employer training needs.


Great Falls College Montana State University is a two-year technical/community college within Montana’s public university system. Central administrative control of the College is vested exclusively in the Montana Board of Regents. The Regents have full power, responsibility, and authority to supervise, coordinate, manage, and control the colleges and universities within the Montana University System.

Although a stand-alone institution for purposes of institutional accreditation, budget, personnel, and management, Great Falls College Montana State University has been affiliated with Montana State University since July 1, 1994.


All educational programs offered by the College are approved by the Montana Board of Regents, United States Department of Education, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and Montana Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

More details on GFC MSU's regional accreditation can be found here .

Important College Regulations and Policies

Crime Awareness and Campus Security

It is the policy and commitment of the College to afford its students, employees, and visitors a campus and educational environment that is as safe and free of crime as possible. Students, employees, and visitors contribute to overall campus safety by reporting criminal activity, by securing personal possessions, and by being aware of personal safety when entering or exiting the campus buildings. A brochure providing campus crime prevention information as well as statistics on the incidence of campus crime is available in Student Central.

Drug-Free Campus Policy

In compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, Public Law 101-690, Great Falls College MSU is committed to a good faith effort to provide a drug-free campus. Therefore, the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and/or abuse of illicit and/or prescription drugs, or the inappropriate use of alcohol at the College or in any activity affiliated with the College is prohibited. In addition, the College will enforce the Board of Regents’ policy, Section 603.1, of the Policy and Procedures Manual regarding alcoholic beverages. Students must comply with this policy as a condition of attendance. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion and/or referral for prosecution. At the discretion of the Dean of the College, a student violating the policy may be required to satisfactorily complete a drug or alcohol abuse rehabilitation program as an alternative to expulsion or as a condition for re-admission.

According to information provided by the U.S. Department of Education, drug and alcohol abuse may cause personal health problems, as well as interfere with work, school, and daily living performance.

The Great Falls community has a number of excellent resources available to assist an individual who is having difficulty with drug and/or alcohol abuse. Advising & Career Center advisors at the Great Falls College Montana State University are familiar with community resources and are available to refer individuals for assistance and/or treatment to overcome the problem of drug or alcohol abuse. If an individual is reluctant to approach College personnel, information about assistance programs may be obtained by calling the Community Help Line at 761.6010.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Great Falls College Montana State University is committed to the provision of equal opportunity for education, employment, and participation in all College programs and activities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, creed, service in the uniformed services (as defined in state and federal law), veteran status, gender, age, political ideas, marital or family status, physical or mental disability, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

The College’s Equal Opportunity Officers are the Executive Director of Human Resources and the Associate Dean of Student Services, 2100 16th Avenue South, Great Falls, MT 59405. Telephone: 406.771.4300

Sexual Harassment Policy

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender. Sexual harassment is a form of gender-based discrimination. Great Falls College Montana State University prohibits and will not tolerate sexual harassment on its premises, within any of its programs, services, or other College sponsored activities, or by anyone acting as an agent of the College.

Great Falls College Montana State University uses the definition of sexual harassment set forth by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which states:

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

Title IX extends these protections to include students. Other consumers and members of the general public who come into contact with the College or its agents are covered by this policy as well.

Any employee who believes he or she is experiencing sexual harassment should immediately contact the College’s Executive Director of Human Resources to discuss options for resolving the issue. Students should contact the Associate Dean of Student Services, and anyone else should contact the College’s Dean. Individuals are generally encouraged to attempt to resolve the issue informally by discussing their concerns with the alleged harasser, his or her supervisor, or both. However, the College recognizes that sexual harassment is a sensitive and potentially volatile issue, and if it is not feasible for the harassed individual to follow this recommended procedure, the appropriate agent should be contacted initially to begin an investigation. All complaints will be handled with discretion, and information provided in the initial complaint and during the course of the investigation will remain as confidential as possible. The identity of both the complainant and the alleged harasser will be protected.

Any individual found to be guilty of violating the College’s sexual harassment policy will be subject to discipline commensurate with the nature of the offense. Disciplinary action up to and including termination (or dismissal in the case of a student, termination of a contract in the case of a contractual relationship, or restricted access to the College in the case of a member of the general public) may be implemented.

Individuals who submit complaints and/or participate in the investigation process are protected from retaliation due to their participation. Anyone engaging in retaliatory behavior will be in violation of the College’s sexual harassment policy, and therefore subject to appropriate disciplinary action as outlined above.

Great Falls College Montana State University is committed to providing and ensuring a safe, positive learning environment that is free from harassment. A complete hard-copy version of this policy may be obtained from Human Resources or Student Central.