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Tuition Waivers

Tuition Waivers are administered by the Financial Aid Office. For all students, inquiries should be directed to the Financial Aid Office. All waivers are based on financial need as a criterion whenever possible, except for honor scholarships for National Merit Scholarship semifinalists, high school honor scholarships, and faculty and staff fee waivers. Waivers do not require repayment. Waivers are state funded and require Montana residency status with the exception of the faculty/staff fee waiver.

American Indian Waiver

Tuition is waived for students who submit documentation showing they are at least 1/4 American Indian or are an enrolled member of a state or federally recognized Indian tribe located within the State of Montana, complete an affidavit stating they have been bona fide residents of the State of Montana for at least one year prior to enrollment in the Montana University System, and demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA. Applicants for this tuition waiver must file a FAFSA, complete their financial aid file, and complete the tuition waiver application available in the Financial Aid Office. Recipients of this tuition waiver are subject to satisfactory academic progress requirements.

Department of Corrections Partial Tuition Waiver

Residents of a Montana youth correctional facility who have been recommended by the Montana Department of Corrections may receive a $500 tuition waiver per semester (maximum $1,000/year). Awards are limited to five new waivers each year and given on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must complete the waiver application form and attach a letter of recommendation from the Montana Department of Corrections. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes for continued eligibility. Failure to meet those requirements will result in permanent revocation of the waiver. Contact the Financial Aid Office to apply.

Dependent Waiver

All employees who have been employed at least ¾ time for at least five years without a break in service are eligible for a dependent waiver benefit. The employee must remain employed for the entire time during which the tuition waiver is utilized. Eligible jointly employed spouses may utilize the dependent tuition waiver benefit for two children at one time, but any one child may not receive more than a 50% tuition waiver under the dependent tuition waiver policy. Application for the dependent tuition waiver is initiated by the employee or the employee’s dependent. Applications not submitted in a timely manner for a dependent tuition waiver may be denied.

Employees are required to sign a statement verifying

  1. that they are not utilizing the tuition waiver for themselves, and
  2. the child utilizing the tuition waiver is claimed as a dependent for federal tax purposes, is unmarried and has not reached age 25 as of the first day of the semester for which the tuition waiver is granted; or
  3. the employee is married to the spouse utilizing the tuition waiver. Documentation that a dependent has been claimed in the tax year the benefit is used may be required for audit purposes or in cases of suspected misuse. False certification of dependent eligibility for the tuition waiver is cause for discharge and the employee is required to repay the cost of the tuition waiver.

The dependent tuition waiver benefit is a 50% reduction in the cost of residential tuition. This benefit is not taxable. Registration fees, course fees, or other mandatory fees are not waived. There is no limitation on the number of credits that may be taken per semester under the tuition waiver. Additional information is available at the Financial Aid Office.

Faculty and Staff Waiver

Tuition and some fees are waived for a maximum of 6 credits per term for permanent Montana University System employees who are employed at least ¾ time during the entire period of enrollment. Registration, building, program, required course fees, and other non-mandatory fees are not waived and remain the responsibility of the employee. Application forms are available from the Financial Aid Office.

Honorably Discharged Veteran Waiver

Tuition is waived for certain honorably discharged veterans who served with the United States Armed Forces in specified time periods and are currently residents of the State of Montana according to the Board of Regents residency policy. A provision of this policy states that the fee waiver shall not apply to persons who qualify under federal laws granting educational benefits to veterans. Application forms are available from the Financial Aid Office. Recipients of this fee waiver are subject to satisfactory academic progress requirements. Fee waivers are available for War Orphans and dependents of prisoners of war. Direct inquiries to the Financial Aid Office.

Montana National Guard Tuition Waiver

Tuition is waived for members of the MT National Guard who have an outstanding tuition balance after all other sources of aid are applied. The MT National Guard Tuition Waiver is a last dollar award and is calculated based on the in-state tuition rate. ALL federal, state and private grants and/or scholarships sent to the campus on behalf of the student, must be deducted from tuition before the waiver can be applied and waivers will only be applied if there is an outstanding tuition balance (see example in link below). GI Bill benefits are not included in the tuition waiver award calculation. Click here for more details and application instructions.

Montana Senior Citizen Waiver

Tuition is waived for students classified as Montana residents for fee purposes at least 65 years of age at the time of registration. To apply, students must submit a copy of their driver’s license or state ID card to the Financial Aid Office, along with the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver application.

Surviving Dependents of Montana Firefighters/Peace Officers Waiver

Tuition is waived for the surviving spouse or child of any Montana firefighter or peace officer killed in the course and scope of employment. This waiver does not apply to any person eligible for educational benefits from any governmental or private benefits program that provides comparable benefits. To apply, please contact the Financial Aid Office. Recipients of this waiver are subject to satisfactory academic progress requirements.

War Orphans Waiver

Tuition is waived for those students, aged 25 or under, whose parent was a member of the armed forces of the United States who served on active duty during World War II, the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts; such members of the armed forces must have been Montana residents at the time of entry into service and must have been killed in action or died as a result of combat related injury, disease, or other disability while in the service. To apply, please contact the Financial Aid Office. Recipients of this waiver are subject to satisfactory academic progress requirements.