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College Workstudy is a program administered by the Financial Aid Office, and is part of the student's financial aid package. Workstudy funding is provided by the federal or state government. A student's eligibility for workstudy is determined by the Financial Aid Office, based on information provided on the FAFSA. Although it is awarded much like Pell Grants and other forms of aid, the method for receiving the money you have been awarded for Workstudy is slightly different. It works basically like any other job; the student is paid bi-weekly for the hours actually worked. The paycheck is issued directly to the student; it is not applied to the student's account. The student may continue to work until the total amount of the award is exhausted. Workstudy students earn $15 per hour.

Workstudy is an excellent opportunity for both the student and the employer. It allows an individual to work for an office or organization on the campus or for certain approved off-campus employers. The student has a job with a schedule that revolves around his school schedule. Workstudy earnings are taxed at a lower rate than regular earnings; and the following year workstudy earnings are excluded as income on the FAFSA. The federal or state government pays a large portion of the student's wage, so employers have an extra incentive for hiring workstudy students.

Great Falls College MSU has a limited amount of funds available under the workstudy program; preference is given to students who have completed a FAFSA and submitted all verification by March 1st. Students should request work study on the FAFSA to be evaluated for eligibility. If a student was not awarded and would like to be evaluated, he should contact the Financial Aid Office to be placed on the waiting list.

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