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Science, Math & Engineering

Science, Math & Engineering majors are interested in how the physical world works and use critical thinking to problem solve and improve the world. Graduates work in professional environments from small offices to large corporations, government agencies, academic or medical institutions, and field sites.

Students begin their education with preparatory courses in math, biology, chemistry and physics. Then, they select coursework in a chosen area of focus. The range of occupations in each field is broad, ranging from a technician to a theoretical researcher.

Sample Transfer Paths for Science, Math, and Engineering

Semester 1

Course Credits Notes
WRIT 101 College Writing I 3 Requires placement
M 121 College Algebra 3 Requires placement
CHMY 141 College Chemistry I 4
COMX 111 Public Speaking 3
Total 13

Semester 2

Course Credits Notes
M 151 Precalculus 4
CHMY 143 College Chemistry II 4
PHSX 205 College Physics 4
Social Science Core 3 Engineering students should take PSCI 210
Total 15

Semester 3

Course Credits Notes
M 171 Calculus I 4
Social Science core 3 Take a HSTA course for social science or a NASX course for cultural diversity
Cultural Diveristy Core 3
Humanities Core 3
CAPP 131 Basic MS Office 3
Total 16

Semester 4

Course Credits Notes
M 171 Calculus II 4
PHSX 220 Physcis I 4
WRIT 201 College Writing II 3
Humanities Core 3
elective 3 Students should take classes that meet requirements for their program at their transfer institution
Total 17
Total credits 61