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2+2 agreement allowing students completing the Associate of Arts degree at Great Falls College MSU to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance option at MSU Billings.

Great Falls College AA degree to BS in Business Adminsitration - Finance option at MSUB

Take these courses at Great Falls College

(see catalog)

COURSES AT Great Falls College



Communication (6 credits required)
WRIT 101 College Writing 3
Choose one of the following: 3
COMX 111 Intro to Public Speaking OR
COMX 115 Interpersonal Communication
Mathematics (3 credits required)
M 105 Contemporary Mathematics 3 M 143 Finite Mathematics
Humanities/Fine Arts (6 credits required)
BGEN 220 Business Ethics 3
Choose one Humanities or Fine Arts course 3
Natural Science (7 credits, one must include a lab) 7
Social Science / History (6 credits required)
ECNS 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
Choose one Social Science or History course 3
Cultural Diversity Course (3 credits required)
Choose one Cultural Diversity course * 3
Technology (3 credits required). Please talk to your adivser to select a course.
CAPP 266 Advanced MS Excel Applications or BGEN 240 Intro Business Data Analysis (online at MSUB) 3
Concentration in Accounting, Arts, Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences (9 credits)
ACTG 101 Accounting Procedures I 3
ACTG 102 Accounting Procedures II 3
BGEN 105 Introduction to Business 3
Articulated Coursework
ACTG 201 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
ACTG 202 Principles of Managerial Acocunting 3
BGEN 235 Business Law 3
ECNS 202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics 4
WRIT 220 Business & Professional Writing 3
TOTAL CREDITS FROM Great Falls College 62

* Courses with an "N" behind the course title will fulfill the Cultural Heritage of American Indians requirement as well as a designated core area requirement.

Suggested Electives - please work with your advisor

CAPP 131 Basic MS Office - challenge exam available - 3 credits

CAPP 156 MS Excel - 3 credits

Transfer to MSU Billings

And Complete the Required Courses

(see MSUB catalog)

Outline for the Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance Option
BMGT 335 Management and Organization


BMIS 311 Management Information Systems 3
BMKT 325 Principles of Marketing 3
BGEN 315 Applied Business Decisions 3
BFIN 322 Business Finance 3
BMGT 322 Operations Management 3
BGEN 499 Capstone 3
BFIN 316 Quantitative Methods in Business and Economics 3
BFIN 420 Investments 3
BFIN 422 Intermediate Business Finance 3
ECNS 300 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
ECNS 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
ECNS 313 Money and Banking 3
ECNS 403 Introduction to Econometrics 3
Restricted Electives
Choose three of the following: 9
BFIN 460 Futures and Options
BFIN 492 Independent Study
BFIN 494 Seminar/Workshop
BGEN 498 Internship

ECNS 314 International Economics or:

BGEN 360 International Business

ECNS 457 Economics of Organizations
ECNS 490 Undergraduate Research
Electives 7



Great Falls College Contact

Advising and Career Center
Phone: 406.771.5100

MSU Billings Contact

Advising Center
Phone: 406.657.2240 | 800.465.6782 x2240

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