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University of Providence University Core Curriculum

Students who have completed the Montana University Core at Great Falls College MSU have the opportunity to complete the University Core curriculum at University of Providence.

Great Falls College Core to University Core at University at Providence

Complete These Courses At
Great Falls College

(see catalog)

Great Falls College Equivalent University of Providence Core Requirements Credits
Great Falls College Course Credits UP Course Credits

Core of Discovery Experience

COD 100 Corps of Discovery (unless transferring in 30 or more credits)

Foundation Skills Courses
WRIT 101 College Composition I 3 ENG 117 Writing Essays 3
Choose 1: CAPP 154 M Word, CAPP 156 MS Excel, or CAPP 158 MS 3 Choose 1: CPS 140 - CPS 142 Technology Modules 1
CAPP 131 Basic MS Office 3 CPS 215 Information Literacy 1
PHL 101 Intro to Philosophy 3 PHL 101 What Does it Mean to be Human 3
TRL 201 Introduction to Theology 3
Math Array
Choose 1: M 105 Contemporary Mathematics, M 121 College Algebra, M 151 Pre-Calculus, M 171 Calculus I, M 172 Calculus II, or STAT 216 Intro to Statistics 3-4 Choose 1: MTH 106 Contemporary Mathematics, MTH 108 Elementary Statistics, MTH 110 Pre-Calculus I, or MTH 241 Calculus I 3-4
Arts and Sciences Courses (16 credits)
LIT 110 Intro to Literature 3 ENG 215 Intro to Literary Studies 3
Choose 1: HSTA 101 American History I, HSTA 102 American History II, HSTR 160 Modern World History 3 Choose 1: HST 102 Global History II, HST 203 US History I, HST 204 US History II 3
Any ANTY, CJUS, ECNS, PSCI, PSYX, or SOCI course 3 Social Science 3
Any ARTH, ARTZ, MUSI, or PHOT course 3 Fine Arts 3
Any BIOB, BIOH, CHMY, GEO, PHSX course with a lab 4 Experimental Science 4
Ethics, Theology and ILC (14 credits)
PHL 110 Intro to Ethics 3 PHL 301 Ethics 3
TRL 301 The Christian Life 3
ILC 330 What is Truth 4
ILC 350 What is the Common Good 4
Upper Division Writing (3 credits)
Choose 1: ENG 300-319 or WAC designated 300+ level course
Additional Degree Requirements (unless transferring in 30 or more credits)
GEN 205 Service Learning Seminar or Service Learning Distribution 1
Global Distribution -
Writing Distribution - any level (WAC) * -
Sustainability Distribution (SUS) -

Choose 1: COMX 115 Intro to Interpersonal Communication; COMX 111 Intro to Public Speaking

3 Communication Distribution (COM) -
* This WAC course is in addition to the upper division WAC course. Two WAC courses are required.

Students should consult with the University of Providence to determine the additional core courses that are required to satisfy the University Core curriculum.
Students transferring to UP with 60 or more transfer credits are required to complete only one 300-level ILC.
Students with 30 or more transfer credits do not need to take the Corps of Discovery course or any of the distribution courses.
Some students may need preliminary math and writing courses before enrolling in the college-level courses. These courses may increase the total number of credits. Students should review their math and writing placement with an advisor before planning their schedules.
Students interested in completing a Certificate of General Studies, Associate of Arts (AA), or Associate of Science (AS) from Great Falls College before transferring should work with an advisor when selecting options to fulfill category requirements.
Students who have earned an AA or AS degree are waived from all lower division courses in UP's Core Curriculum. Prerequisites still apply, which means a student may still need to take ENG 117 (pre-req to upper division Writing), PHL 101 (pre-req to PHL 301) and/or TRL 201 (pre-req to TRL 301).

Transfer To University of Providence to complete the requirements
(see UP catalog)

Great Falls College Contact

Advising and Career Center
Phone: 406.771.5100

University of Providence Contact

Academic Success Center
Phone: 406.791.5213

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